Tips on How to Drive Defensively

You are ready and aware of whatever will happen whenever you do defensive driving. You’re cautious and ready to do the right thing to not put your destiny in the hands of other drivers. For those who don’t know, 90% of all crashes are credited to driver error, according to the Depart of Transportation of the United States.  

Since not every driver went to an Oklahoma driving school, here are several tips you can follow to help lower your risk and drive defensively.  

Cut Out Distractions 

Any activity that distracts your attention from driving is considered a distraction. You need to have full attention when driving. Because of that, you’ve got to stay focused at all times.  

Have an Escape Route 

The ideal method to prevent possible risks is to place your car where you’ve got the best chance of being seen. This can be applied in every driving situation. In addition to that, it is vital to have an alternate path of travel. Thus, you should leave yourself an escape route always. This is a path to position your car if your current path of travel is blocked suddenly.  

Lower Your Speed 

Roads have speed limits. Of course, there are reasons for that. It is your job to make sure that your speed matches the limit. Furthermore, if things go wrong, you will have hard time controlling your car if you are driving at higher speeds. You should control your speed if you want to keep control of your car.  

3-4 Second Rule 

Using the 3-4 second rule would help you maintain and establish a safe following distance since the biggest possibility of a collision is in front of you. This rule will offer you enough time to brake if required. However, you can only utilize this rule in good weather conditions under normal traffic. You should increase your following distance for an extra second for every condition in bad weather. This includes nighttime driving, fog, and rain. Also, you should increase your following distance if you are following a motorcycle or a big truck.  

Don’t Rely on Other Drivers 

Since other drivers did not go to a Tulsa driving school, you should always be considerate. However, you have to look out for yourself as well. Don’t think that the other driver is going to allow you to merge or move out of the way. Think that drivers will run through stop signs or red lights. This will give you a lot of time to prepare. You can plan your action if you expect the worst-case scenario. 

Be Wary of Your Surroundings 

You should scan conditions 20 up to 30 seconds ahead and frequently check your mirrors. Keep track of everything. You should pull over or slow down whenever a car is showing signs of aggressive driving. This will help you avoid the car. You should also be wary of pets, cyclists, and pedestrians along the road.  

For more in-depth training for defensive driving, visit driving school Tulsa today! 


How to Choose a Window Tinting Shop

Choosing an Edmonton window tinting shop is a crucial decision especially that your vehicle window is at stake. There are a lot of tinting shops in town but it’s difficult to come up with a decision because everyone says they’re the best deal or offers the best tinting service. The best thing we can recommend you is to do a thorough research before making a decision. Why? Because the results might be great or terrible, so you really have to choose the best one.  


  1. Look for References 

Word-of-mouth advices or reviews are the best references you can get instead of just reading through reviews in the internet. If your family or friends have background on window tinting before, ask them where it was done. Inspect their cars for signs of shoddy work.  

If you’re driving around the town and you saw a greatly tinted car, ask the owner what shop she brought her vehicle. If you two have more time, you can take a closer look of the car.  

  1. Inspect Cars of Family and Friends 

If you know people who have had window tinting, ask them if you can inspect their cars. Pay attention to the window’s weather stripping. If it’s sliced up, the installer wasn’t careful. Curs and scratches in the paint job is also a sign of poor performance.  

To continue checking up on the cars, look at the tint job closely. If everything’s uniform and smooth, it’s a good sign of a good work.  

  1. Read Online Reviews 

After hearing references from family and friends, do a double check about the shop and check some online reviews. You can also directly go to the shop’s webpage. If the shop really shows quality work, they will also show it online. Don’t just rely on the testimonials page of the site too because the admin might have picked the best testimonies to posts. If the website has a comment box/section; the better. You will see genuine reviews there.  

  1. Personally Visit the Shops 

When you narrow down your list, visit your prospect shops. Visiting each shop will give you the opportunity to compare the quality and prices they’re asking. The owners or employees will show you around. Check the installation area to see if it’s clean or is located indoors. You can also request to check the tinting materials and samples of their previous work. If they don’t give you this opportunity, erase the shop from your list.  

Aside from checking the physical place, make sure that you ask how long the company has been in the window tinting business. A shop which is running for quite a while tends to be more establishes and professional.  

  1. Make Your Decision  

Finally! You’ve deleted a lot of shops in your list and you already found the perfect one. If the shop meets the criteria you’re looking for, then you’re good to go. No matter how pricey it could be, rest assured that you’ll get a quality job from window tinting professionals who does their job perfectly.  



The Difference Between Foundation Upheaval and Settling

A lot of foundation repair professionals have already fixed the issues regarding with upheaval and settlement of home foundations. In fact, most people do not completely know the big difference between this two. This is the reason why we have discussed below the different of foundation settling and upheaval. 

Foundation Upheaval and Settling 

Foundation upheaval usually occurs when the house foundation moves upward due to the soil expansion. The upheaval of your house foundation is basically considered as a very crucial problem and may eventually lead you and your family in danger.   

The settling of the house foundation, on the other hand, means that your home is already sinking into its ground by lowering into the soil beneath it. What most people do not understand about is that the settling may occur to any house. Nonetheless, over settling may also result to a lot of problems on your home’s foundation. The upheaval and settling of the house foundation are sometimes quite confusing since both of these problems tend to indicate the same signs on the foundation of your home. 

The Most Common Indications of the Home Foundation Upheaval 

The visible cracks on your floor or walls are considered to be the most dangerous and common indications of a home foundation upheaval. In fact, these visible cracks are usually caused by the excessive pressures as your home’s foundation moves upward due to the compression that is taking place as well as will also separate in the course of time. Aside from that, it may also end up to the appearance of the foundation settling since one portion of your home appears to be lower as compared to the other portions of the house due to the lifting. 

On the contrary, the upheaval of the house foundation is always caused by the excessive moistures in the soil. In addition to that, there are also many ways on which the soil of your residential and commercial property may become oversaturated, which actually causes it to settle. Here is the list of some examples which we would like to point out: 

  1. Flooding
  2. Broken sewer lines
  3. Ground that does not properly slope
  4. Removing too many plants and trees
  5. Plumbing system leaks in the crawl space of your home

What Are the Solutions Should Upheaval Occurs? 

The most common remedy for home foundation upheaval often includes injecting the right chemical solution to the soil that is underneath your house. This chemical solution often contains potassium ions and ammonium salts, which prevent the soil in your residential property from absorbing water. In addition to that, tunnels might also be dug underneath your house in order to lift it as well as allow much better drainage and or underpinning that is used to completely extend your home’s foundation and redistribute its entire load. 

What are the Common Signs of Home Foundation Settling? 

Settling often led to stair step cracks in the foundation of your home. Aside from that, you might also notice visible cracks on the inside of your walls. If that’s the case you will need to ask assistance from professional and expert Orlando Foundation Repair. 



Importance of Hiring a Professional Home Stager

It is undeniable that having your home prepared for an inspection is never simple. Most importantly, it is really extra challenging if there are problems like rag rats, which makes it virtually impossible to market your house to home buyers who are meticulous when it comes to purchasing homes. This is where home staging Allen is much needed. You can hire a professional who is experienced in home staging for marketing you home. This will help you achieve and notice that your home’s return of sale and buyer’s interest will be increased. The following are some of the main reasons why home staging with the help of a professional home stager is worth your investments: 

Strategic marketing 

The strategic expertise that a professional home stager has is the biggest advantage upon hiring one. Home stagers are more than decorators since they know how to tap into your buyer’s psychology and they are also aware of how their minds work. They have a wide grasp of the trends, demographics, and the real estate market—locally and as a whole. Professional home stagers employ all of this knowledge and offer it to their clients in order to develop efficient and successful marketing plans for their properties through home staging. Moreover, home staging intends to showcase your home in a manner that aids buyers to envision living in your house and to develop an emotional connection with it. It’s the changes that will make investing in a professional home stager worth the penny.   


Access to various group of skilled vendors 

Professional home stagers have connection and access to a group of expert vendors. These vendors can assist you with whichever home project, such as landscaping, flooring, painting, and repairs, which has to be finished in order to make your home prepared to be placed on the market. Rather than taking too much of your time looking for contractors by yourself, it is guaranteed that the best people for those projects will see it through with the help of the connections of the home stagers. So, it will be a much easier job to complete.  


Saves stress and time 

There are many homeowner responsibilities once a house will be up for posting on the market. One of the most vital tasks to take on, which is massive, is to have your home staged by yourself. Now, here’s a solution for you. Placing all these jobs in the hands of skilled and professional home stagers will definitely be a good idea since it will clear up your energy and time for other things. Also, it is guaranteed that it will be completed in the most worthwhile and efficient way as possible. 

Gives peace of mind 

Given the average cost of hiring a professional home stager, you can delight in the sense of putting the job of marketing your home in their hands. Similarly, you will never worry about the small things anymore since they can definitely target the accurate demographic through furniture staging.  


Exceptional Usage of Screened Patio

It is nice to see that your family is having fun while enjoying the view from the outside like the trees, flowers, air and the other things that are in there. It is the same thing when you have a small birthday party to celebrate in your patio or to the area in your backyard where you could do in porch. Others would have the idea of having in the pool so they would think about installing the pool screen enclosure Melbourne FL to make it even better and nice there. Having the screen installed in your patio or porch would give so much advantages and usage when it comes to the daily needs and protection as well to the overall.  

Here are some of the listed benefits and usage of the screen in our patio and the best things that you can do with it in the future in case.  

  1. Get rid of the small insects that may cause diseases to the family: We all know that insects could be everywhere so we need to have a good screen in or patio so that we could enjoy more of the view right there. You don’t want your kids to be bitten by small insects and have the different kinds of illnesses because of the germs and bacteria that they bring to your family.  
  2. It is going to be safe for the kids to play outside the house: Because of the installed screen to the porch of your house, you will feel more comfortable about your kids especially when they would place outside of the house and enjoy. You don’t have to worry about the small insects that can bite them and cause redness to their skin and even sometimes may result in irritation to the whole body.  
  3. There will be an additional increase to the overall value of the property: Another great thing about this one is that it could make the value of your house even better when you plan to sell this one in the future or soon.  
  4. You could spend more time here without being worried: Sometime it is nice to spend more time outside the house because of the fresh air that you could breathe and as well as the good view that you see.  
  5. You could have some great time and hold a party here: It is a very good spot as well to hold and celebrate your party here as you don’t want to get worried about the insects at night and have fun.  
  6. Have a better place to relax and get away from the disturbances: Others would like to spend their free time in a quiet and relaxing place and this could be the answer as you could take a nap or read your books.  
  7. Give the best look for your home and house: Since it is part of your house, then it could be an additional investment to make your house even more attractive and have the view in your neighborhood.