Tips on How to Drive Defensively

You are ready and aware of whatever will happen whenever you do defensive driving. You’re cautious and ready to do the right thing to not put your destiny in the hands of other drivers. For those who don’t know, 90% of all crashes are credited to driver error, according to the Depart of Transportation of the United States.  

Since not every driver went to an Oklahoma driving school, here are several tips you can follow to help lower your risk and drive defensively.  

Cut Out Distractions 

Any activity that distracts your attention from driving is considered a distraction. You need to have full attention when driving. Because of that, you’ve got to stay focused at all times.  

Have an Escape Route 

The ideal method to prevent possible risks is to place your car where you’ve got the best chance of being seen. This can be applied in every driving situation. In addition to that, it is vital to have an alternate path of travel. Thus, you should leave yourself an escape route always. This is a path to position your car if your current path of travel is blocked suddenly.  

Lower Your Speed 

Roads have speed limits. Of course, there are reasons for that. It is your job to make sure that your speed matches the limit. Furthermore, if things go wrong, you will have hard time controlling your car if you are driving at higher speeds. You should control your speed if you want to keep control of your car.  

3-4 Second Rule 

Using the 3-4 second rule would help you maintain and establish a safe following distance since the biggest possibility of a collision is in front of you. This rule will offer you enough time to brake if required. However, you can only utilize this rule in good weather conditions under normal traffic. You should increase your following distance for an extra second for every condition in bad weather. This includes nighttime driving, fog, and rain. Also, you should increase your following distance if you are following a motorcycle or a big truck.  

Don’t Rely on Other Drivers 

Since other drivers did not go to a Tulsa driving school, you should always be considerate. However, you have to look out for yourself as well. Don’t think that the other driver is going to allow you to merge or move out of the way. Think that drivers will run through stop signs or red lights. This will give you a lot of time to prepare. You can plan your action if you expect the worst-case scenario. 

Be Wary of Your Surroundings 

You should scan conditions 20 up to 30 seconds ahead and frequently check your mirrors. Keep track of everything. You should pull over or slow down whenever a car is showing signs of aggressive driving. This will help you avoid the car. You should also be wary of pets, cyclists, and pedestrians along the road.  

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